Abejorro means “Bumblebee” in Spanish. Just as the Bumblebee searches for the best nectar to produce its honey, only the finest ingredients are used to produce our wines.

The brand Abejorro is a joint venture between Wine-wise Maximiliano Vallés and Finca Mevi S.A, a boutique wine producer located in the Maipú region of Mendoza, Argentina.

Having been named The Malbec Producer of the Year at the 2015 New York International Wine Competition, we chose Finca Mevi as our partner in order to offer the best Malbec in every bottle we produce.


You inspire me with your harvest of nectar

to fly with you and sow dreams of greatness

As you that only works for queens

I'd like to keep my soul in a thousand bottles

My land and history appoint me

to walk the paths of my vineyards

to search the nectar of its grapes

to place my spirit in vessels

Your stamp was crafted in glass

as a guardian of special wine

And you will witness many nights

of shared and cherished celebrations

By, Fernando Sottano

A journey, a trip, a dream.

Max’s Vision: A little unknown science fact: The Bumblebee is not capable of flying. Its wings are not long enough to sustain its body weight; nevertheless, the Bumblebee flies. It doesn’t question itself … or ask how … or ask why. It follows its instinct and flies!!
As this small creature I have been flying without knowing I could on my own. After several years working with important wine projects in Argentina and having the chance to travel around the world I started this “dream” of producing my own wine to share with you “wine-lovers”.

"A life experience, a story, a wine to remember”.




Abejorro grapes are picked up from our 25 acre estate located in Maipú, Mendoza. The ground soil is clayish with the presence of limestones near the surface.

This Single Vineyard wine is made from grapes grown at our 25 acre Estate in Maipú, Mendoza. It shows the distinctive characteristics of ripeness, texture and minerality – qualities unique to this traditional wine producing region. Abejorro aims to produce a distinctive style of Malbec.

The style searches for texture, complexity and length, balancing the typical red fruit spectrum and aromatics with richness and mouth feel making this a very elegant wine.

”It is a beautiful Burgundy-style medium-body wine with well-balanced oak”

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is also a Single Vineyard from our Coquimbito Maipu property.

For its production we use grapes from selected blocks that provide very low yields but with great fruit concentration.

Once vinified the wine rests for 12-14 months in French oak casks and then 6 months in bottle before being released. Limited bottles.


Bumblebees are like angels that dare to fly because they take themselves lightly.

Bombi comes from selected vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo and Valle the Uco. We look for fresh wines with excellent varietal typicity that reflect the terroir that gives them origin.

Our Chardonnay is fragrant, natural, bright and unctuous like the petals of the flowers that enchant bombis and make them flap beyond imagination.

THE bumblebee

There are around 25,000 known species of bees in the world. Bumblebees of the genus Bombus, with more than 250 species worldwide, are one of the most socially evolved groups. In Argentina there are eight native species and only one of them is found in Mendoza, Bombus opifex, a typically Andean species. This species can be seen more commonly in the Mendoza foothills visiting typical flowers of this environment such as Pichanilla (Senna aphylla), Olivillo (Hyalis argentea), Chañar (Geoffroea decorticans), but it also visits exotic flowers such as Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and Black thistle (Carduus acanthoides) among other species.

Bombus species are important pollinators of plants, both native and numerous crops. Some flowers only release their pollen when subjected to certain vibrations, as in the case of tomatoes and other Solanaceae. This type of vibration can be performed by the Bombus thanks to a special hum, which allows them to collect pollen from these plants and thus pollinate them efficiently.

Like many species of bees, Bombus in general and Bombus opifex in particular are severely affected by pesticides and habitat transformation. This species needs access to water sources since with it it manages to maintain the interior temperature of the nest, flowers throughout the season (October to April) to feed its young and develop new queens for the following season, and shelter in stable soil and without disturbances which is where it builds its nest.

Source: Guillermo Obandi (INTA MENDOZA)


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